The ‘Partners of Tradies’ events are an integral part of HALT’s work. The event was introduced in 2016, debuting in Castlemaine. After a successful two years running in Castlemaine, we will now deliver it to regional towns Bendigo, Ballarat and Swan Hill, thanks to a community Grant from the Westpac foundation.

The ‘Partners of Tradies’ event has become a great link to services for the partners, friends and families of tradies. By creating an environment that is comfortable and community-accessible, we hope to open up positive conversation around mental health. Our speakers at the event all work within the local services and offer firsthand education on navigating tasks such as having that difficult conversation, getting a mental health care plan and finding the right counsellor.

Lived experience is a big part of the identity of the ‘Partners of Tradies’ event. It is coordinated by Lauren Randle, who has been a partner of a tradie for twenty years. HALT believes that by starting conversations around mental health and self-care in community we can all be a part of breaking down barriers and stigma associated with these issues.